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Career Overview

Teaching at Augustana

Many of the folks visiting this site are exploring the options for their first full-time academic appointment. We’ve all been through the process and our collective recollection is that it can be anxious, bewildering, and discouraging. While we can’t offer a panacea for all those ills, we would like to make your search a bit less stressful and a bit better-informed.

In this section, we’ll try to give you the resources to identify opportunities at Augustana (for yourself) and in the region (for others who may be searching with you). We’ll also offer some guidance on how to make the best possible case in your application.

Open Positions – links to all of our current openings. Each position announcement is accompanied by department profile, with gives a snapshot of your prospective department and some resources for assessing your likely role in the department.

We know that many faculty members are simultaneously involved in two searches: one from themselves and one for a partner. To make it easier to get a sense of opportunities beyond Augustana, we’ve created links for you to each of the region’s major academic and professional employers. See Jobs for Faculty Spouses/Partners

Tips on an Effective Application – offers a dozen suggestions for how to craft a compelling application. We think that the advice there might be helpful regardless of where you’re applying.

Support for the faculty – documents the wide array of programs and grants here which will help support your entry into full-time teaching and your on-going growth as a scholar.

Benefits – offers a quick synopsis of the contractual benefits (e.g., medical coverage) available to all Augustana’s full-time faculty.

Don't forget to check out our listing of potential employers for others in your household.

Dr. Jason Koontz, Associate Professor of Biology

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